Digital Avatars Could Make TV Anchors Obsolete


“News at Seven”

Personalized newscasts culled from the web and presented by digital avatars. Baseball stories written by computers using raw data.  Television anchors and sports reporters may not need to start looking for other jobs just yet but students and professors at Northwestern University are working to make this futuristic vision of news a reality.

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Robotic System That Will Operate On A Beating Heart

Robotic System That Will Operate On A Beating Heart 

This device lets surgeons attach small anchors to tissue inside a beating heart by compensating for the heart’s movement. 

Fixing the heart is hard. Certain procedures have to be performed on a stationary organ, so the heart is stopped and the patient put on a cardiopulmonary bypass machine. But stopping the heart increases the risk of brain damage. Now researchers at Harvard University and Children’s Hospital Boston are testing a robotic system that could help surgeons perform a common valve repair while the heart beats on. The system uses 3-D ultrasound images to predict and compensate for the motion of the heart so that the surgeon can work on a patient’s mitral valve as it moves.

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