CNET Review of the iPhone 3G


CNET editors rated the iPhone 3G – 8.7 on a 10.0 scale. Not bad!

Just over a year after Apple birthed the first iPhone, the long-awaited, next-generation iPhone 3G has arrived bearing a mildly tweaked design and a load of new features. With access to a faster 3G wireless network, Microsoft exchange server e-mail, and support for a staggering array of third-party software from the iPhone Apps store, the new handset is the iPhone we’ve been waiting for. It still lacks some basic features but when compared with what the original model was year ago, this device sets a new benchmark for the cell phone world.

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Apple Files Patent For Multi-Gesture Language


Apple has filed a patent for a new multi-touch gesture language that will allows us program gestures into our computers. Similar to the zoom and rotate gestures currently programmed into the iPhone and MacBook multi-touch touchpads, the new patent describes a Sign Language for touch screens, which uses a minimum of twenty five chords, thirty one combinations and thirteen different motions to tell the OS what it is you want to do. Additionally, the patent specififies the Control, Alt, Shift and Command keys as modifiers.

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