EDITT Tower Adds Green To The Skyline



Singapore’s upcoming EDITT Tower, or the “Ecological Design In The Tropics” Tower, is green inside and out. Designed by the architects at TR Hamzah & Yeang and sponsored by the National University of Singapore, the 26-story structure features a prominent living wall of plants that adds some color, ventilation and dedicated biogas generation.

The plants take up about half of the structure and it’s planned that it’ll be made from local vegetation. Ramps will connect EDITT to the surrounding shops and offices, so people can pop in for a visit to check out the garden. The building is also covered with photovoltaic panels that’ll account for 39.7% of its power, and rainwater will be collected for both plant irrigation and supplying the building’s water supply – for flushing a toilet, for instance.

Check out the gallery below for more of the EDITT Tower.

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Hydropolis – Underwater Hotel

Hydropolis - Underwater Hotel 


No I’m not talking about a boring trip to the Aquarium or an episode of the Sopranos. No what I am referring to … is literally “sleeping with the fishes”. When one thinks about the future of travel, one might conjure up gaining passage on a rocket ship into space, the final frontier. Or that the honeymoons of the 21st century might actually entail a trip to the moon! Yes, yes… in all due course… I am sure that eventuality will happen. But what about exhausting the many unique features of terra firma before we actually decide to leave the planet? What about exploring the deep blue seas?

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Reversible Destiny Lofts

Reversible Destiny Lofts 

 Reversible Destiny Lofts

You won’t have your grandparents over to your posh, colorful apartment in Tokyo while living at the Reversible Destiny Lofts. Designed by NY-based architects Arakawa & Gins (who, between you and me, need to pick some different colors for their website), these units are packed full of all sorts of hurdles only the youthful could put up with: uneven floors, balcony doors you have to crawl through, spherical rooms, blinding colors, transparent showers – the list goes on.

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StarCAVE: Virtual Environment

StarCAVE: Virtual Environment 

UC at San Diego has the closest thing to an X-Men-style Danger Room in its new StarCAVE, a small room that entirely surrounds you, hurtling 68 million pixels at your eyeballs at near-perfect resolution. Pop on polarized glasses and the whole thing goes 3D. Grasping a wireless “wand,” you can walk through tall buildings, fly over cities, pick apart tiny cell structures or embrace entire galaxies. All the while pretending to do actual academic research, of course. Here’s how to build your own for under $1 million:

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World’s First Underground Stadium

World’s First Underground Stadium 

 “Wall” Stadium nicknamed “The Laptop”

When the new “Wall” Stadium set to be built in Doha, Qatar is completed in 2010, it will be the first underground stadium ever constructed. Nicknamed “The Laptop” for obvious reasons, the stadium will have no traditional floodlights. Instead, the lights will be embedded into the architecture, which adds to the clean futuristic look. Apparently, the unique underground design will serve as a natural air conditioning system of sorts, which saves money that could have been spent on a traditional domed, temperature controlled facility.

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“Falling Towers” Nears Completion

“Falling Towers” Nears Completion

The striking “Falling Towers” building in Beijing nears completion

With the Olympics only a few months away, the Chinese are determined to carve visual images into the minds of the rest of the world with their bold architecture, modern cities, and progressive lifestyle. The “Falling Towers” building is one building that has captured the imagination of the world. More pics after the jump.


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