X-Ray MacBook


Another view of this cool tool

The glowing irradiated inside of an Apple MacBook, as photographed by the curious Jason de Villa… as seen by the TSA every day!

About a week ago, I was in the mood to do something crazy – anything to help pull myself out of the blue funk I had fallen into. I texted my brother the vet to ask if he had an x-ray machine in his office, and what size his film plates were. I told him that I wanted to try and x-ray my laptop, something that had been on my mind ever since I saw an x-ray of an Apple Titanium PowerBook. He said “No problem,” and two days later I was sitting in his office waiting for him to finish minor surgery on a dog.

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Eco-friendly Designer Lightbulbs

Eco-friendly Designer Lightbulbs 

 New bulbs are called Plumen

Now that we’re moving on from traditional lightbulbs to more eco-friendly designs, designers have much more freedom with what they do with light. Design house Hulger is tackling light bulbs as their next big object, using the twisting tubes as pieces of functional art that you won’t want to hide behind a shade.

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Are Optical Illusions Caused By The Brain Or The Eye?

Are Optical Illusions Caused By The Brain Or The Eye?

 (Left) Isia Leviant’s Enigma. Most viewers say the purple rings appear to fill with rapid illusory motion. (Right) A simplified version that the researchers used in the study. Most viewers report illusory motion lengthwise along the gray stripe.

When viewing the famous optical illusion painting Enigma by Isia Leviant, many people claim to see motion within the colored circles moving against the black and white striped background. Although this optical illusion has been known for a long time, its physiological origins are still unknown.

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Great Halloween Costumes

 Great Halloween Costumes

Today I bring to you Halloween business ideas, surprise, surprise.

I have to say, I was disappointed to find that while the holiday itself is weird and wacky, the corporations that surround it are pretty usual. They range from haunted houses, to event planners that will decorate and provide spooky catering for your party, to costume and decoration shops and other creepy adventure evenings. Could it be because the holiday itself requires so much creativity, and is already an out of this world concept, there’s no room left for businesses that match the same standards? I care to argue (of course I do!), it’s just a market that is ready for further development. So, entrepreneurs, put on your thinking caps and come up with a Halloween business plan that will make us scream (from fear, happiness, or just the innate creativity)! (Pics)

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Eunoia, a Novel by Christian Bok, Uses Only One Vowel a Chapter


This Will Be Lost In Translation…

It took Christian Bok 7 years to write Eunoia – the word is the shortest word in the English language containing all five vowels.

Eunoia means “beautiful thinking” and it’s a very fitting title to Christian’s book, in which each chapter uses only one vowel!


Hassan Abd al-Hassad, an Agha Khan, basks at an ashram – a Taj Mahal that has grand parks and grass lawns, all as vast as parklands at Alhambra and Valhalla. Hassan can, at a handclap, call a vassal at hand and ask that all staff plan a bacchanal – a gala ball that has what pagan charm small galas lack.

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Lego Ferrari F1: New Track Burner


Lego Ferrari

 Does the F1 drive you faster than Hamilton drives the McLaren? Do LEGO bricks bring back the obsession in you to become a child again, or a master at the art? Do you wish to gawk at the sleekest of LEGO Creations? Hold, I have a cause. Here is an authentic Ferrari model made out in 80,000 LEGOs (actual size), which gives you all the detail of a true Ferrari F1 race car you always wanted to know. The LEGO Ferrari F1 could be seen at the LEGO World in Holland, celebrating the anniversary of the famous toy brand.


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