Li Wei – Crazy Artist, Brilliant Art

Li Wei - Crazy Artist, Brilliant Art

Li Wei, a short and stocky man, clambered up a metal ladder ten feet, sticking his head deep into a hole in the wall. Two somber assistants using wire pulleys clipped mountaineering carabiners to his waist and feet, causing him to dangle horizontally, his hovering body a metaphor for pre-Olympic China-headless, suspended, and hurtling towards an unknown future. (Pics)

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Reverse Graffiti Artist Documentary


Reverse Graffiti or Atomic Explosion?

A few months ago, “reverse graffiti” artist Moose traveled to San Francisco where he created a lovely mural by cleaning grime from the walls of San Francisco’s Broadway Tunnel. Moose calls himself a “professor of dirt.” Documentary filmmaker Doug Pray (Scratch, Hype!, etc.) made a short film about the artwork.

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