Value of Sexual Reproduction Versus Asexual Reproduction


Sexual vs. asexual reproduction – Only the snail’s hairdresser knows for sure

Living organisms have good reason for engaging in sexual, rather than asexual, reproduction according to Maurine Neiman, assistant professor of biology in the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and researcher in the Roy J. Carver Center for Genomics.

The study looked at sexual, as well as asexual, varieties of a New Zealand freshwater snail, Potamopyrgus antipodarum, by sequencing mitochondrial genomes and found that the sexually reproducing snails had accumulated harmful DNA mutations at about half the rate of the asexual snails.

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Studies Confirm Males Are Being Feminized by Gender-Bender Chemicals


Clean Living Through Gender Bending Chemicals

According to a new meta-study by CHEMTrust drawing on more than 250 scientific studies from around the world, males of the species are in danger of becoming “feminized” by gender-bender chemicals:

Wildlife and people have been exposed to more than 100,000 new chemicals in recent years, and the European Commission has admitted that 99 per cent of them are not adequately regulated. There is not even proper safety information on 85 per cent of them.

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