Non-Religious Doctors are Twice as Likely to Hasten the Death of Terminally Ill Patients

 doctor treating patient

Nonreligious doctors were nearly twice as likely to report having made decisions like providing continuous deep sedation.

Doctors who are atheist or agnostic are twice as likely to make decisions that could end the lives of their terminally ill patients, compared to doctors who are very religious, according to a new study in Britain. Dr. Clive Seale, a professor at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, conducted a random mail survey of more than 3,700 doctors across Britain, of whom 2,923 reported on how they took care of their last terminal patient.


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Atheists Practice De-Baptism By Hair Dryer


American atheists lined up to be “de-baptized” in a ritual using a hair dryer, according to a report on U.S. late-night news programme “Nightline.”

Leading atheist Edwin Kagin blasted his fellow non-believers with the hair dryer to symbolically dry up the holy water sprinkled on their heads in days past. The styling tool was emblazoned with a label reading “Reason and Truth.”

Kagin believes parents are wrong to baptize their children before they are able to make their own choices, even slamming some religious eduction as “child abuse.”