International Banana Club Museum for Sale

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Ken Bannister, founder of the International Banana Club Museum, is selling out. The price of the museum has dropped from $45,000 to only $15,000! Before you snap up that bargain, be aware that the museum includes only the banana artifacts but no real estate, as the museum has been housed in rented space.

Bannister told the Victorville Daily Press that he decided to liquidate the collection after the Hesperia Recreation and Park District told him that he would no longer be able to rent space at the Harrison Exhibit Building in Hesperia, California where Bannister exhibited his thousands of banana goodies. He did not have another location set up and does not want to put the items in storage.

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Turning Elephant Poo Into Paper

Turning Elephant Poo Into Paper 

 The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company

The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company, is focused today on the production, innovation and marketing of all sorts of fun products made from elephant poo! They have a fun and dynamic international team at their modest outfits in N. America, Australia, Japan, and Europe where they spread the word and sell their products, as well as in Asia where they make all of their fantastic products using age-old paper making techniques, evolved locally over hundreds of years.

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Say Goodbye to Bananas: Panama Disease is Coming Back


Diseased Bananas

The banana we know and love today actually suck when compared to the one our grandparents ate. That cultivar, called the Gros Michel, was bigger and tastier but alas it was hit by a blight called the Panama disease and went extinct by 1960.

Now, the banana we all eat, a variety called the Cavendish, may face the same fate: Panama disease, caused by the fungus Fusarium, is back and spreading fast!

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