How 13 Dog Breeds Got Their Names

Where did all the breeds come from?
Every dog owner knows why they gave their dog its name, but how well do you know the story behind their breed names? For example, poodle comes from ‘pudeln,’ a German word that meant ‘to splash,’ so these brave retrievers were known as pudelhund, or ‘water dogs.’ The word eventually evolved into the English poodle.
Let’s see how a handful of common breeds found their monikers….

World’s First Transgenic Dog Is A Fluorescent Puppy

World’s First Transgenic Dog Is Fluorescent Puppy

Ruppy the transgenic puppy at 10 days old under ultraviolet light 

A cloned beagle named Ruppy – short for Ruby Puppy – is the world’s first transgenic dog. She and four other beagles all produce a fluorescent protein that glows red under ultraviolet light. (Pics)

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