Mobile Furniture Perfect For Small Living Space

Mobile Furniture Perfect For Small Living Space 

 Kenchikukagu Series Mobile Furniture

Here’s an innovative way to furnish your space while keeping things minimal when not in use. The Kenchikukagu is designed for work, sleep and eating. Designed by Atelier OPA from Japan, the Kenchikukagu series includes a mobile work station, mobile bed and a mobile kitchen. You can actually order this on Amazon Japan for 800,000 Yen (about $7,500).

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Beam Bed Makes It Look Like You Have Alien Abductors In The Basement


For the Finest Unidentified Sleeper


To the best of my knowledge I’ve never been abducted by aliens (though I admit my memory of certain nights is vague at best) but I imagine if an alien race decided to skip the door or window and instead enter my bedroom via a hole cut in the floor under my bed, it would look exactly like this. The Beam Bed was designed by Ewan Robertson of Lagostudio and besides the cool lighting effect, the bed also appears to have IKEA-esque flat-pack qualities making it easy to collapse and transport.


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The Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned bed


Cool Dreams Await You

An air conditioned bed seems like the greatest invention of all time during a season when I wake up every morning and need to moistly peel myself off a stenching sweat silhouette of my own foul, nocturnal drippings. This Kuchofuku model pulls air from near your head and cooled as it travels through the inflatable matt, ultimately being expelled near the feet.

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Indian Kids Sleeping Less

 Indian Kids Sleeping Less

 Indian kids are being conditioned at a young age to take over the world

Indian children are going to bed much later and are getting lesser sleep than their Caucasian counterparts. A largescale study, which compared the sleep patterns of children in Caucasian and Asian countries, found substantial differences in sleep patterns in young children.

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A Trip to Soapland

A Trip to Soapland

As the Japanese say, “soapiness is next to godliness”

Soapland is a type of Japanese brothel where men are bathed with female prostitutes, although there are a few specifically for female clienthood. Soaplands are special in the idea that a companion’s work room has two areas in it. One is a small area with a small couch and bed, and the other is a large shower room that has a large bath and floor for an inflatable mattress.

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Bulletproof “Anti-Terrorist” Bed With Air-Supply, Toilet


This appears not to be a joke: the Quantum Sleeper is a bed that hermetically seals itself as you sleep to protect you from “Bio-Chemical terrorist attack,” “natural disaster,” “kidnappers/stalkers” (only those who don’t possess a forklift, surely) and affords “Bulletproof ‘Saferoom’ protection.”

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