Britons Living Longer Even Though They Are Getting Fatter and Drinking More

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A quarter of Britons are overweight and alcohol related deaths have doubled.

Nearly a quarter are overweight and the number of alcohol related deaths has more than doubled since the early nineties, the Office for National Statistics revealed.  The latest edition of the Social Trends report also reveals that one-in-five men and one-in-seven women over 16 drink more than double the recommended daily allowance of alcohol once a week.

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Student Invents Beer Ice-Cream

Anna_Lowden beer ice cream

Ale Ice Cream Inventor

Beer buffs seeking a sweet treat alternative to their traditional tipple can look forward to something special this summer – ale-flavoured ice cream.

Sheffield Hallam University student Anna Lowden invented the beery beauty on a gap year from her course in food and nutrition.

For those with a passion for their pint there’s just one snag – the ice cream contains hardly any alcohol as it’s mostly lost in the production process…

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World Beer Cup Winners Announced

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Brewers from six continents earned awards from an elite international panel of judges this week in the 2010 Brewers Association World Beer Cup – the world’s largest-ever commercial beer competition. The eighth bi-annual competition announced awards to brewers from 19 countries ranging from Australia and Italy to Iceland and Japan.

This year, 642 breweries from 44 countries and 47 U.S. states vied for awards with 3,330 beers entered in 90 beer style categories…

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World’s Strongest Beer Heads to the U.S.


BrewDog’s Jim Watt and Martin Dickie, with the world’s strongest beer.

Thanks to a war among European brewing companies, it’s never been easier to catch a healthy beer buzz. Or get yourself totally sloshed. In November, BrewDog, a three-year-old Scottish microbrewery, released a new brand, dubbed Tactical Nuclear Penguin. The beer set a new record by weighing in at a scary 32% alcohol by volume (ABV), more than six times the strength of familiar domestic brands like Budweiser. As explained in a cheeky video on the company’s website (warning: the clip contains simulated penguin sex), the brewery was able to attain the high alcohol content by freezing the beer at a local ice cream factory, at temperatures as low as -6°C (21°F), for 21 days. Alcohol freezes at lower temperatures than water, and removing water from the solution increased the alcohol concentration.


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How To Make A USB Mini Fridge

usbmini fridge 111

With some cheap parts and a little electrical magic
you can make yourself a mini fridge

Physics, how we love you. You keep our feet on the ground, ontologically-ambiguous cats locked in boxes and photons in two places at the same time. It also enables the Peltier effect, what’s that we hear you breathlessly ask?

If a current is passed between two different materials a heat differential is created; one side hot the other cold. The principle is used in all sorts of situations including cooling processors and mini-fridges, though apparently they’re not that efficient, just small and light…

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Brewery Releases “Sink the Bismarck!” World’s Strongest Beer At 41% ABV

You’ll be goin’ down after one of these!

The flamboyantly competitive Scottish brewery BrewDog has released Sink the Bismarck!, a “quadruple IPA” that they say is the most alcoholic in the world at 41%. BrewDog had previously earned similar attention last year with their then-record-setting 32% ABV beer, Tactical Nuclear Penguin, but rival brewery Schorschbrau just weeks ago (briefly) reclaimed the beer potency title with their Schorschbock, at 40% ABV, prompting Brewdog’s latest counterattack.

Sink the Bismarck!’s 41% ABV renders it more alcoholic than whiskey or vodka. BrewDog has preempted the expected accusations of irresponsibility from British alcohol awareness groups, and explains that the beer should be consumed responsibly, “in spirit-sized measures.”

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9 Out Of 10 Drinkers In Britain Overcharged For Pints Of Beer


Nine out of ten pint drinkers are being given short measures in pubs

In several establishments, officers were shocked to find that almost 90per cent of the pints of beer ordered were short measure, with the worst pint having a shortfall of up to 11.8per cent — effectively a £0.40p overcharge on each pint of beer.


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Dog Collar Bottle Opener

Thanks for the beer Fido!
Bark4Beer makes the world’s best dog collar: a retractable bottle opener and dog collar in one. That means, no more searching for a bottle opener around your house, or at a pool party, bbq, or even at the beach – just call over your favorite four-legged friend and celebrate good times. Alright!

Thanks To Barley Grown In Space We Now Have SPACE BEER!

space beer 3142

A Japanese firm is producing a limited run of beer made from barley which spent time on the International Space Station. From The Japan Times:

The brewer will receive orders for the Sapporo Space Barley beer via the Internet until Dec. 24, making 250 six-packs, holding 330-ml bottles, available at a price of ¥10,000 each, Sapporo said Thursday, adding the product will be delivered to customers in late January. Proceeds will be used for the promotion of science education.

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Scottish Brewery Claims To Have Made The World’s Strongest Beer


Tactical Nuclear Penguin

The drink, named “Tactical Nuclear Penguin” is so strong that it should be served in small measures usually reserved for spirits.  Its maker, BrewDog brewers of Fraserburgh described the 32 per cent proof tipple as its “most audacious and ambitious project to date”.


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Anti Energy Drinks

anti energy drink 234

Wake me when it’s over….

As a gimmicky antidote to “energy drinks,” several companies are selling calming beverages in a can. (No, not beer.) DailyFinance recently surveyed the choices:

Promising a “vacation in a bottle” or an “acupuncture session in every can,” makers of anti-energy drinks, as they’re known, say that after bailouts, foreclosures and Ponzi schemes, Americans nowadays would rather chill out than tweak out…

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