Hubless Zigzain Bicycle Concept Powered by Simple Driveshaft

hubless bike 111
Would a drive shaft work in a bicycle? Possibly, and here’s a BMX bike concept that takes the design and runs with it, sans hubs!
The hubless wheels are a cool touch, I’ll admit, but I have my doubts about whether the tiny driveshaft will replace today’s venerable chain configuration.

Folding Electric Bike – The “Mini-Farthing”

mini farthing 4321
If only I could wipe this swarmy look off my face…
The YikeBike is an electric, folding “mini-farthing” (think “penny-farthing”) bike — €3,500 gets you a 10kg electric scooter that folds up to the size of a cymbal set and travels 10-20km on a single charge at 20km/h. Ideal for short-hop commuters who are too lazy to pedal a bicycle, as well as anyone who doesn’t think a Segway is dorky enough!

The Glowing ARTIKCAR



Bicycle Design is always trawling up remarkable cycle oddities. This one, the work of UK artist Ben Wilson, is modeled off the kids toys Ben remembers from youth. Though more art than daily mule, ARTIKCAR is steered by leaning the body. It was conceived for a parade masterminded by Walk the Plank, a UK “creative force of artists, theatre makers, pyrotechnicians and event engineers.”


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Jet Cyclist Hits 73 MPH And Lives


So much for street bikes. This bike really burns some serious rubber.

Motor madman Bob Maddox is back with a twin-engine jet bike that makes the raucous rocket he rode last year look tame.

He recently bolted a dual-exhaust pulse jet engine to the side of an ordinary bicycle, donned a leather jacket and helmet and then held on tight as he peeled off a 73-mph run down a deserted back road. And we thought he was crazy when he hit 50 mph on one of his single-engine contraptions last year. Continue reading… “Jet Cyclist Hits 73 MPH And Lives”


Kinky Llama Man Delivers Sex Toys By Bicycle At All Hours



Inspiration can strike at odd times. Anthony Mikrut got the idea for his business about 3 o’clock one morning, when he and a girlfriend were in search of some products to enhance their special evening. “We figured you can get pizza any time of night,” he said. “Why can’t you get [sex] toys?”

Thus was born The Kinky Llama, a purveyor of adult goods that promises one-hour delivery by bicycle to most places in Chicago. Mikrut, 33, said the company has been around for 21/2 years and that, despite the recession, he’s busier than ever.

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Gladiator Helmet


Well it may protect your head but what about the bird poop

Regular bike helmets protect your head when you fall, but do they intimidate and terrify everyone around you? No, they don’t. That’s not so with the Gladiator Helmet, which looks like it does a questionable job of protecting your melon but does a bang-up job of making you the most intimidating cyclist on the street. Continue reading… “Gladiator Helmet”


LightLane Concept Paints Laser Bike Lane


A New Bicycling Vision

American bicyclists are a wistful lot. With the encroachment of an Obama presidency, rising gas prices and a recognized recession, they imagine that America’s city streets will be reforged with dedicated bicycle lanes… and, as a bicyclist myself, I certainly hope that’s the case. Still, with bicycle lanes costing $5,000 to $50,000 a mile to install, chances are pretty damn slim at a point where the government is squeezing bailout money out of each orifice.

This Yanko concept tries to fill in the gap between Velocipede Zembla and America’s current set-up, where the only thing marking a street’s bicycle lane is a pervasive encrusting of spilled bicyclist brains.

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