A Bike Lock That Can Raise Your Bike Up a Lamp Post


Let’s face it, no matter how strong, tough and complicated your lock is, motivated bike burglars will find a way to steal your bike. But what if your bike lock can climb up a post and raise it off the street?


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Halo Bike Lock Texts You When Your Bike Is Stolen

Halo-Bike-Lock 4231
A new spin on bike locks.
Summer. It’s a time of sun, fun, bikinis and…bike thieves. This concept from designer Steve Hunt looks just like a halo. It’s designed so that the connector cable is housed within the frame of the lock itself, which makes it harder for thieves to cut your cable.The coolest feature however, is that Hunt wants to have an integrated wireless card inserted into the lock itself, so that when your bike gets stolen, the lock will notify you.