Eurocopter Moves One Step Closer to ‘Whisper Mode’

blue_rotor blades

The silent treatment

From now on, you won’t even hear the black helicopters coming. Just a breath of wind rustling your blinds, and then — bag on the head! At least, that’ll be the case if the NSA gets hold of some of these Blue Edge rotor blades from Eurocopter. They’re not only shaped like a sword you might find in Final Fantasy XIII, but they have little mechanized flaps that are automatically adjusted in order to reduce the wup-wup-wup noise that results from the blade cutting through turbulent air.

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Optiwind: Wind Turbine For High Density, Low Wind Areas


Traditional three-blade turbines are great if you have lots of space to play with, but the Optiwind Compact Wind Accelerating Turbine is ideal for high-density, low-wind areas. The turbine’s series of small, five bladed fans funnel in wind and accelerate it, thereby cranking up wind speeds to generate more power.

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ZEEP Design’s Helicopter Car


Now, we are so fond of the flying cars, that even designers are trying their hands on some out of the world renderings of their own thought of a prospective roadable flyer. This one from the ZEEP Design show is a car that transforms into a helicopter, now that can be a realistic idea if for those cars start taking to the skies on a regular basis. (Pics)
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Vertical Wind Turbine


Imagine spending your life savings on an invention you are sure will someday be successful, even if skeptics think it is impossible. It’s pretty risky right? Well Adam Fuller from Racine, Wisconsin has done this very thing. He has spent his life savings designing an invention he believes in, a vertical wind turbine. Will it work?

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The Swiss Army Knife Of Pens


A Clever Cutlery Selection


Pens are usually boring, and not worth a second glance. However, this particular pen has more functions than your average Swiss Army knife. Trust me, if you were stranded out in the wild, this is the pen you would want.

You get 13 tools in one gadget. Everything ranging from a steel file, saw, screwdriver and even an ear pick. Why you would need a special tool to pick your ear is beyond me.


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