Last Year’s Moonshot Reveals Lots More Water Tha Previously Thought


Impact view is seen in this image released on October 9, 2009

When NASA blasted a hole in the moon last year in search of water, scientists figured there would be a splash. They just didn’t know how big. Now new results from the Hollywood-esque moonshot reveal lots of water in a crater where the sun never shines — 41 gallons of ice and vapor.


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Blast-Proof Your Walls With The X-Flex Wallpaper


Think prayer is all you can do to keep your home safe in the middle of a warzone?  With the X-Flex bomb-surviving wallpaper, you just might have another line of defense.  It’s not exactly salvation, but it could help keep your fortress intact for just a little while longer.

Invented by Berry Plastics in conjunction with the US Army Corps of Engineers, the life-saving wallpaper can help keep your walls intact even after being hit by blasts.  A video on the PopSci website (link below) even shows it tested against a wrecking ball swinging its weight onto a wall at maximum velocity. The wall survived, albeit with obvious signs of damage…


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Blast Knuckles


Who needs pepper spray when you can fry the bad guys instead of making them cry
“Can you say fry not cry.” Yes, a cheesy line but somehow it fits

Sure, getting punched with brass knuckles will seriously mess you up, sometimes you need to deliver even more punishment than the trusty brass knuckles can deliver. That’s why Blast Knuckles exist. They’re essentially a pair of brass knuckles that also deliver a blast of 950,000 volts on contact. Yikes.

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The Amazing Candle Cannon


Baking a cake to celebrate 20 years in business wasn’t enough fun for sub makers Erbert and Gerbert, oh no— they decided to build a man-sized air vortex cannon to blow out its candles. What’s an air vortex canon, you ask? It’s one of those big gun-like toys that fires puffs of air surprisingly far across the room. Watch the video of it blowing smoke-rings that would even impress Gandalf: you’ll be blown away.


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