Computer Program Can Detect Depression Among Bloggers


Computer program detects depressed bloggers.

Researchers at Ben-Gurion University in Israel developed a computer program that they think can detect depression among bloggers. To test their hypothesis, they scanned 300,000 English-language blogs and had clinical psychologists read the subjects that the computer indicated were depressed. The psychologists agreed with the computer 78% of the time:


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Amateurs Rivaling Professionals on the Web


This is the age of the amafessional, when amateurs are rivaling professionals in opportunity, talent and the ability to produce quality work. It’s happening in virtually every field. In areas ranging from communications to medicine to simply making things with your hands, amafessionals are gaining in numbers and the ability to market their services.


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Bloggers Are In Trouble In India


Bloggers beware

“The Indian Supreme Court has ruled that bloggers cannot shelter under an escape clause such as ‘Any views expressed are solely those of the writers’ to exercise freedom of speech in discussions and statements online. The ruling comes in response to an anti-defamation case filed against a 19 year old student’s Orkut community, commenting upon the right-wing political organization Shiv Sena. Continue reading… “Bloggers Are In Trouble In India”

Women Bloggers

Women Bloggers

Blogging plays a significant role in the lives of women

A BlogHer survey conducted by Compass Partners found that the blogosphere is playing a significant role in the lives of US women.

The survey estimates that 36.2 million female US Internet users actively participate in blogs every week with 15.1 million publishing at least one post a week and 21.1 reading and commenting at least weekly.

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