Swedish Group Renames Hymen ‘Vaginal Corona’

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A rose by any other name?
A Swedish sexual rights group unilaterally proclaimed a new English term for what it considers one of the most misunderstood parts of the female anatomy. “The mythical status of the hymen has caused far too much harm for far too long,” the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU) said in a statement. “The new term in English is vaginal corona.”

The linguistic declaration comes on the heels of what RFSU considers a successful campaign carried out in Sweden aimed at dispelling a number of myths surrounding the hymen and virginity.

“There are lots of questions about the hymen throughout the entire population of young people in Sweden,” RFSU secretary general Åsa Regnér said. “Both among girls and boys, and among people born in Sweden as well as those born in other countries.”

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Scientists Unveil World’s First Bionic Fingers


Phil Newman, marketing director of Touch Bionics, demonstrates the world’s first bionic fingers

The world’s first bionic fingers have been unveiled by scientists.  Made of tough, lightweight plastic and loaded with tiny motors, they can bend, grip, point and pick up items. (Video)


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Cellulite-Busting Tights That Melt Away Fat

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The Scala Bio-Fir tights and leggings zap toxins and fat with in-built thermal crystals which claim to increase blood flow

It sounds just too good to be true – leggings which melt away cellulite.  But this is what new hi-tech legwear can apparently do for women simply by heating up their skin with a ‘wonder yarn’ embedded with bio-crystals.  Makers of the Scala Bio-Fir leggings and tights claim they could slim hips and thighs by as much as an inch.


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Experimental Treatment Reverses Multiple Sclerosis In Animals

Outside world

A new experimental treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS) completely reverses the devastating autoimmune disorder in mice, and might work exactly the same way in humans, say researchers at the Jewish General Hospital Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research and McGill University in Montreal.


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The Average 50 Year Old Is Healthier And Fitter Than 25 Year Old


The typical 50-year-old has only 1,990 calories each day, does at least four forms of exercise and treats themselves to just one piece of junk food each week

Researchers found the average 25-year-old consumes over 2,300 calories a day, exercises only three times a week and munches on 12 types of junk food a month.

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Colon Cancer Vaccine


X-ray image shows a barium enema in a patient with cancer of the bowel

A cancer vaccine with a twist is making headway in clinical trials at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Rather than targeting a cancer-related virus–the way Gardasil targets human papillomavirus to prevent some cervical cancers–the new vaccine triggers the immune system to attack a faulty protein that’s often abundant in colorectal cancer tissue and precancerous tissue.


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