Botanists Create a List of Every Plant Known to Man


The list to end all lists?

A team of botanists have unveiled a new research tool which aims to settle one of the field’s most basic of complications; there are some 375,000 plant species on Earth, but they’re known by a whopping 1.25 million names. To help ease the taxonomic disparity and consolidate the world of botanical studies, an international team of researchers have compiled an extensive ‘Plant List’ — containing every species known to man, and the various names they’re known by.

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Mission Seedbomb To Combat Deforestation

Mission Seedbomb To Combat Deforestation


Legend has it that after the World War II got over, American pilot Gale Halvorson airdropped candies in the name of hope, for the Berlin children. War equals devastation, so dropping candies instead of bombs was probably personal retribution. Inspired by this incident, designer Hwang Jin wook and pals have come up with a plan to combat deforestation and desertification of land in a similar fashion. Their mission is called “Seedbomb.”
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