7 Simple, Unexpected Ways To Save Water


Even though three quarters of our planet is considered water, there is still a demand for it in almost every community, and a scarcity in many. That’s because we can actually only use one to two percent of if this wonderful H2O.

With so many items that are now more available, like low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, rain barrels, and efficient washing machines and dishwashers, there really isn’t an excuse to not be more conscious. Here are some unexpected ways you can conserve water and, better yet, they are all basically free which means money in your pocket!

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How Much Energy Is Required To Make Bottled Water?

How Much Energy Is Required To Make Bottled Water?

 The energy required to produce bottled water is up to 2,000 times more than the energy required to produce tap water.

Most people who buy bottled water have access to clean drinking water virtually for free (in the US, tap water costs less than a penny per gallon, on average). Nevertheless, the consumption of bottled water continues to grow, far surpassing the US sales of milk and beer, and second only to soft drinks.

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Drinking Water, Straight from the Toilet

 Drinking Water, Straight from the Toilet

 Rich people sewage always sells for more than the sewage of the poor

A growing number of cities and counties in the US grappling with water shortages are turning to a solution that may be tough for some homeowners to stomach: purifying sewage water so that residents can drink it.

Los Angeles mayor Antonio R Villaraigosa announced a proposal on Thursday to begin using heavily cleansed sewage water to increase drinking water supplies. The move comes as California braces for the possibility of the most severe water shortages in decades.

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