Cancer In Humans: Cost Of Being Smarter Than Chimps?


A new study suggests that humans cognitively superior brains means
more instances of cancer compared to chimpanzees

Are the cognitively superior brains of humans, in part, responsible for our higher rates of cancer? That’s a question that has nagged at John McDonald, chair of Georgia Tech’s School of Biology and chief research scientist at the Ovarian Cancer Institute, for a while. Now, after an initial study, it seems that McDonald is on to something. The new study is available online in the journal Medical Hypothesis and will appear in the forthcoming issue of the journal.

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New Nanoparticles Could Lead To End Of Chemotherapy


Doctors have been investigating the use of nanoparticles for medicine for years.

Nanoparticles specially engineered by University of Central Florida Assistant Professor J. Manuel Perez and his colleagues could someday target and destroy tumors, sparing patients from toxic, whole-body chemotherapies.

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