Billions Face iFraud Threat After Hackers Crack Secret Mobile Phone Codes

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Surprise! You Are Hacked.

Billions could have their mobile phone calls intercepted and recorded after computer hackers cracked the secret code used to protect 80 per cent of the world’s users.

The code was posted on the internet by German scientist Karsten Nohl, who said he organised the breach to demonstrate the weakness of mobiles’ security measures.

He claims an eavesdropper could be listening to calls within 15 minutes with just a laptop and two network cards.

There are now fears that half the world’s population could be left vulnerable to crime including identity fraud…


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Smoking Rated #1 Social Gaffe

Smoking Rated #1 Social Gaffe

A new opinion poll shedding light on the most unpopular forms of house guest behavior has thrown up a surprise winner in the offensiveness stakes.

With the nation still grappling with the introduction of smoking legislation in the past two years, lighting up in someone else’s house has been voted the most terrible breach of etiquette.


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