Brewery Releases “Sink the Bismarck!” World’s Strongest Beer At 41% ABV

You’ll be goin’ down after one of these!

The flamboyantly competitive Scottish brewery BrewDog has released Sink the Bismarck!, a “quadruple IPA” that they say is the most alcoholic in the world at 41%. BrewDog had previously earned similar attention last year with their then-record-setting 32% ABV beer, Tactical Nuclear Penguin, but rival brewery Schorschbrau just weeks ago (briefly) reclaimed the beer potency title with their Schorschbock, at 40% ABV, prompting Brewdog’s latest counterattack.

Sink the Bismarck!’s 41% ABV renders it more alcoholic than whiskey or vodka. BrewDog has preempted the expected accusations of irresponsibility from British alcohol awareness groups, and explains that the beer should be consumed responsibly, “in spirit-sized measures.”

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In a Tangle of Young Lips, a New Sex Rebellion is Brewing in Chile

 In a Tangle of Young Lips, a New Sex Rebellion in Chile

Chile, long considered to have among the most traditional social mores in South America, is crashing headlong into that reputation with its precocious teenagers. Chile’s youths are living in a period of sexual exploration that, academics and government officials say, is like nothing the country has witnessed before. (Pics)

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All-In-One Beer Brewing Machine – The NanoBrewMaster

All-In-One Beer Brewing Machine

Some inventions will automatically land you a spot in the Inventor Hall of Fame.  This is one of them

Beer lovers will have to admit that this DIY all-in-one beer brewing device created by John Carnett is the best invention since canned beer. And the good news is that alcoholics all around the world will soon be able to get their hands on one of these.

Christened the NanoBrewMaster, this comp-controlled all-in-one brewery rids you of the extremely unnecessary trip to the local store for a taste of your favorite beverage after a hard day of sitting on your ass doing nothing. The fully-automated glycol-chilled, 15-gallon fountain gives the freedom to brew your own beer using only 2’x8’ of floor space in your kitchen/garage/broom closet and offers you fresh, chilled beer at the turn of the tap. Video after the jump.

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