Rabbit-Ear Antenna’s – An Old Technology Making a Comeback

rabbit ears and hdtv

Modern antennas cost $25 to $150 and can display a picture sharper than cable or satellite.

Julie and Anthony Bayerl of St. Paul, Minn., love watching prime-time shows on the sleek 50-inch television in their bedroom. They also love that they pay nothing for the programming.  The only thing they do not love is how a low-flying plane, heavy rain or just a little too much movement in the room can wipe out the picture.


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South Korea First To Terrestrially Broadcast HD 3DTV


Conclusive evidence that South Korea is the greatest country on Earth: it will begin terrestrial (that’s over-the-air) 3D TV broadcasts in a few weeks. Better still, it’ll be in full high-definition. How long do you think it’s going to be before “Dancing With The Stars” is shown in 3D here? Probably like 200 years, yes…

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The Future of Free Over-the-Air Television

free tv

The future of free tv

The Federal Communications Commission recently launched an examination of the future of media and the information needs of communities in a digital age. Some sobering trends over the past decade should influence the FCC’s ultimate findings and affect how we receive and value local broadcast information in our communities in the future.

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It’s Clicker Time

clicker logo
Clicker is the complete guide to Internet television. Clicker catalogs all broadcast programming online, along with TV-quality Web originals, from these silos and delivers them in one seamless, organized experience so you can easily discover what’s available to watch online, where to watch it, and what’s worth watching.

Clicker is one part directory, one part search engine, one part wiki, one part entertainment guide, and one part DVR. At the heart of it all is a massive database that contains more than 450,000 episodes, from over 6,000 shows, from over 1,200 networks, tens of thousands of movies, and 50,000 music videos from 20,000 artists.


The Future of Radio – Who Will Emerge?

 The Future of Radio - Who Will Emerge?

As the audience for AM and FM radio declines, start-up entrepreneurs and giant media companies alike search for the “next radio” — a way to make money by helping listeners discover new music. Online music providers such as Pandora, Imeem and Last.fm provide an early glance at that next chapter in radio history.

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