Adopt Bubbles the Chimp for $150 a Year

bubbles the chimp

Do chimps make good pets?

When Michael Jackson died last year, his will made provisions for his kids, his mom and pet charities, but what about his pet chimp, Bubbles?

It has never been revealed whether Jackson left Bubbles a few bucks for bananas, but it doesn’t look good because the animal sanctuary where he has spent the past five years is asking people to adopt the 26-year-old chimp for $150.

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Transport Pod Bed

Transport Pod Bed 

Very much like the popular Metronaps Energypod, Napshell Sleeping Cocoon, and the Transport Pod Bed, the “Bubble of Silence” has been designed to create the perfect environment to avoid the noisy and stressful world. The exteriors of the Bubble have been influenced by natural ornaments such as shells, pebbles, cocoons and bubbles while the interiors make sure you are completely at ease.

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Micro Bubbles May Help Treat Cancer


Philips is on the verge of developing a new ultrasound-based drug delivery technology that will surely help people suffering from various types of cancers. The company is planning to introduce micro bubbles which contain drugs that treat cancerous growths. They can be tracked with the help of an ultrasound and later allowed to release the drugs the micro bubbles contain. This would help reduce the effects of chemotherapy, as the drug would be released only when the micro bubbles reach the cancerous part and the rest of the body wouldn’t be affected by the strong drugs.

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