Tumbleweed – Teeny Tiny Houses


Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses are designed to incorporate style and design aesthetic, and can include all of those modern features that make a home liveable full-time, including plumbing, electricity and appliances. When working with this teeny tiny house builder you can choose from existing plans or have a custom plan created. Most of their homes are between 90 and 400 square feet, and stand alone! (Video)

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Litracon – See-Through, Light-Transmitting Concrete

Litracon - See-Through, Light-Transmitting 


Concrete has a sometimes-bad reputation as a harsh, rigid, cold-to-the-touch and straight-edged material. Litracon is doing a great deal to change that image of concrete through a score of creative and sustainable applications for their patented light-transmitting concrete. (Pics)

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Concept Housing – Single Hauz

 Concept Housing - Single Hauz

Inspired by highway billboards

Designed by the polish firm front architects, the Single Hauz is a prototype house created for the single person.  The design is inspired by freestanding billboards often seen near highways. this slim raised design makes them suitable for many locations where building may be difficult, including on the water. By using steel, concrete and wood, these homes become sleek and modern rather than cramped. (Pics)

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