Julian Assange’s Underground Wikileaks Bunker


Wikileaks bond-style bunker.

A collection of the pictures that are publicly available on the internet of Julian Assnage’s Wikileaks office.  The pictures shows the security measures they have taken in order to keep the data secure and hidden. This could be the most strong and ‘wonderful’ office that’s established in the past ten years. (Pics)


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Bunker Bank


The Perfect Bank For All The Geologist Out There Who Are Trying To Manage Money During The Christmas Season

Putting your money in a bank isn’t looking like the best idea these days, at least not a real one. What other kinds are there? Well, there’s the pig-shaped variety, though that’s probably a little too obvious. This Bunker bank, by Dino Salvatico, is slightly more stealthy: Made of cement and glass fiber, it looks like either a poorly made brick or the worst-tasting salt lick ever.

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