BP to Rebrand Gas Stations Across US – to Amoco?

The BP Snowjob Continues

You probably haven’t seen many Amoco gas stations on the side of the road for a while. That’s because BP merged with the ‘American Oil Co.’ in the 90s, the British company’s logo and namesake took over. As a result, all Amoco stations were converted to BP stations, leaving Amoco stations nowhere to be found. But that could change very soon — in a major rebranding effort launched to sidestep the bad reputation that’s sprouted from having caused the biggest environmental catastrophe in US history, BP is considering renaming all of its stateside gas stations ‘Amoco’ — or something else…

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BP Offshore Oil Strike, the Board Game

bp-oil-strike-boardgame 3142

The board game of impending doom?

In 1970, BP collaborated with boardgame maker PrintBox of Scotland to come up with a game that is eerily prescient of the Gulf incident. The game BP Offshore Oil Strike didn’t catch on, and thus became somewhat of a collector’s item. BLDGBLOG got its hands on one:

With this “exciting board game for all the family,” released in 1970, BP delivered all “the thrills of drilling, the hazards and rewards as you bring in your own…” Bring in your own “Offshore Petro-Dollars,” that is…

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