Robot Receptionist – MechaDroid Type C3

Robot Receptionist - MechaDroid Type C3 

MechaDroid Type C3 

The latest robotics company to take science fiction into reality is Japan’s Business Design with its new MechaDroid Type C3 robot receptionist. Currently being shown off at Tokyo’s CEATEC conference, the robot uses face recognition technology to interpret the needs of visitors and assist them in acquiring information or directions displayed on an embedded touchscreen panel.

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Intelligent Key – World’s First Cell Phone-To-Car Remote Control

Intelligent Key - World’s First Cell Phone-To-Car Remote Control 

 Nissan’s Intellegent Key Cell Phone

Three Japanese engineering giants, Nissan, NTT Docomo and Sharp, have joined forces to introduce the world’s first cellphone with the ability to act as an Intelligent Key for your car. Nissan’s Intelligent Key technology already comes standard in most of its vehicles, but incorporating the function into a cell phone pushes the boundaries of what Japanese multi-function phones can do. The wireless controller has the ability to lock or unlock a car, as well as start or stop the car’s engine.

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