Breast Cancer Vaccine Trials to Start on Women Within One Year


Breast cancer vaccine successful in mice, trials to start on humans in just a year.

American scientists say they have developed a vaccine which has prevented breast cancer from developing in mice.  The researchers – whose findings are published in the journal, Nature Medicine – are now planning to conduct trials of the drug in humans.


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1 In 3 Teenage Girls Gets Cervical Cancer Vaccine


One in three teenage girls have rolled up their sleeves for a vaccine against cervical cancer, but vaccination rates vary dramatically between states, according to a federal report released Thursday. The highest rates were in Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, where more than half of girls ages 13 through 17 got at least one dose of the three-shot vaccination. The lowest rates were in Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina, where fewer than 20% got at least one shot.


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Colon Cancer Vaccine


X-ray image shows a barium enema in a patient with cancer of the bowel

A cancer vaccine with a twist is making headway in clinical trials at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Rather than targeting a cancer-related virus–the way Gardasil targets human papillomavirus to prevent some cervical cancers–the new vaccine triggers the immune system to attack a faulty protein that’s often abundant in colorectal cancer tissue and precancerous tissue.


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