A Little Known Sport: Underwater Hockey


Here is a movie showing some freestyle underwater hockey 

A little known sport, underwater hockey is what some divers like to do during the winter months when the outside water is too cold for diving. The sport was invented in Great Britain during the 1950’s when some British divers were looking for ways to stay fit during the winter. The result: An intensive and beatiful sport practised around the world leaving us with some striking images.

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The Great Alpine Finger Pulling Championships

 The Great Alpine Finger Pulling Championships

To win a finger wrestling contest you have to pull your opponent across a table, using only one of your digits

It may sound funny, but for some Bavarian and Austrian men finger wrestling is no joke. They take it very seriously: For them it’s about prestige and honor.

In the old days, people say, it was used to settle disputes. Today it has the standing of a national sport in the Alpine region of southern Germany and neighboring Austria. (Pics)

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