London University to Offer a Degree in Twitter. Essays Just 140 Charactars Long!


Tweet frickin’ tweet!


Everyone in Iran uses it, BBC radio presenters bang on about it incessantly and mega celebs use it to throw crumbs to their adoring fans. Yep there seems no stopping the rise of Twitter.
Well soon you’ll be able to get a degree based around the microblogging sensation (BA Hons Twit IIi?) as City University – a fairly decent academic establishment according to my old UCCA handbook, is going to offer students course in Twitter Studies.
Well, except that the course is called an Information, Communication and Society MSc and it focuses on teaching graduates to learn how to use digital materials such as social networking sites as effective comms tools…
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Popular Mechanics 2008 Breakthrough Awards Winners

Popular Mechanics 2008 Breakthrough Awards Winners 

Microsoft Phyotosynth 

Popular Mechanics announced its picks for the 2008 Breakthrough Awards awards in what the publication called The 10 Most Brilliant Gadets of the Year. Here’s the list of international winners; you may be surprised at the gadgets on the list.

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