70% of Children in India are Anemic

 70% of Children in India are Anaemic

Concerned by the whopping number of children in the age group of six to 59 months suffering from anaemia, the government is taking several steps, including providing supplementary and fortifying food and vitamins supplements to rectify the malady.

Health and Family Welfare Minister Anbumani Ramadoss told Lok Sabha on Wednesday that 69.5 percent of children in the age group of six to 59 months are suffering from anaemia of which 63 percent are in the urban areas and 71.5 percent in the rural areas.

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The Crying Baby Translator

Cry-Translator 789

Wouldn’t it be great to know why they are crying?

Pedro Monagas, an electronics engineer in Castellar del Valles, Spain (a village not far from Barcelona), reasoned that the epic crying spells of his newborn son, Alex, must be a language of their own. He studied Alex’s cries for a year, then spent three years touring nurseries, monitoring another 100 or so other infants, noting differences in the volume and frequency of cries, and the intervals between them. His invention, WhyCry, hit Spanish department and specialty stores, where it sells for 95 euros, in October.

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