Video: Neil Strauss Makes A Knife From A Cigarette


Neil Strauss has a new book, “Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life”, which reveals the secrets of people who in a hypothetical apocalypse will be roasting your femur over oil barrels. He made this video showing how to make a knife from a cigarette for Danger Room. Too bad my cigarettes use cotton filters.

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Cigarette Butt Clothing

Cigarette Butt Clothing 

You see them littered, in the grass, in your flowerpots, on the streets, in the sand at the playground, in the sand at the beach…. everywhere. They are an eyesore, toxic to the environment (start forest fires, small animals ingest them and die, chemicals leach into our water supply) and a daily reminder of how wasteful we can be with even the smallest of objects. What are they? Littered cigarette butts. What’s being done about the litter? Alexandra Guerrero is recycling them into clothing.

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New “Liquid Smoking” Drink Promises Instant High for Smokers


 A HOT New Product, Liquid Smoking

A company has created a drink that claims to have the same effect as smoking cigarettes.

The fruit-flavored drink, called “Liquid Smoking”, promises an instant high followed by a ‘euphoric calming feeling’. This product is targeted towards those suffering from the smoking ban.

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