Incredible Monkey Waiters & Street Show


 The two famous monkey waiters

A Japanese restaurant has employs two monkeys to help with the table service. Yat-chan and Fuku-chan work two hours a day due to Japanese animal rights regulations. The monkeys were originally kept as household pets by the restaurant owner, but the oldest started helping him and that is how it all started. Second video after the jump.

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History of the World’s Craziest Invention – The Monowheel

History of the World’s Craziest Invention - The Monowheel

First Monowheel

A monowheel is a crazy contraption where the rider sits inside the wheel. Not to be confused with a unicycle, where the rider sits above the wheel, the monowheel is a hard to drive and hard to steer vehicle that has a unique and colorful history.  Here is a collection of some pretty amazing photos. (Pics)

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