Tom Wright’s Street-Legal Bumper Cars



Don’t go bumping these cars!

Here’s an interesting up-cycling story about some boy toys that have found legal ground and even more fun from a bumped up perspective.

“Bumper cars were crazy fun when I was a kid. Even as an adult today, they still look immensely entertaining and I’d probably be on one every weekend if only everyone else lined up to ride them weren’t in grade school. Instead of drawing power from the floor or ceiling like regular flat rides, these bumper cars seen around the San Diego area not only run independently – you can drive them down public roads.

That’s right, these bumper cars, which have been reconfigured to run on four wheels, are completely street legal. Even if they’re not, though, I doubt cops will pull you over for a ticket – they’ll probably ask to try it for a spin around the block, instead.

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