Small Island States in Danger of ‘Extinction’


The island of Tarawa, Kiribati, South Pacific

All of the global warming hype has created unprecedented levels of fear among people in small island countries like Tarawa and Kiribati. They are now calling for a ‘climate change insurance fund’ to protect their people from ‘going extinct’ as yet another fear-based UN report warns that a sea level rise will make whole nations uninhabitable.


Secrets of Ancient Martian and Terrestrial Atmospheres

No its not an alien, its my sister… WHAT!?

Chemists at UC San Diego have uncovered a new chemical reaction on tiny particulates in the atmosphere that could allow scientists to gain a glimpse from ancient rocks of what the atmospheres of the Earth and Mars were like hundreds of millions years ago.

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Planting Climate Friendly Crops Could Help Offset the Effects of Global Warming


Climate friendly crops reflect sunlight

Planting ‘climate friendly’ crops that reflect sunlight could help offset the effects of global warming, a study suggests.  The crops, spread across large fertile regions of North America and Europe, would send a small percentage of the sun’s light and heat back into space.


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Volcanoes Have Shifted Asian Rainfall

Powerful volcanoes potential to shift rain patterns

Scientists have long known that large volcanic explosions can affect the weather by spewing particles that block solar energy and cool the air. Some suspect that extended “volcanic winters” from gigantic blowups helped kill off dinosaurs and Neanderthals. In the summer following Indonesia’s 1815 Tambora eruption, frost wrecked crops as far off as New England, and the 1991 blowout of the Philippines’ Mount Pinatubo lowered average global temperatures by 0.7 degrees F — enough to mask the effects of manmade greenhouse gases for a year or so.

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Reverse Circulation in Atlantic Ocean

this wil make your toilet spin the other direction upon a flush. Fear not.

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona scientists have researched how ocean currents in the Atlantic were affected by climate change in the past. The study shows that there was a period when the flow of deep waters in the Atlantic was reversed. The results are relevant for the near future since similar changes are expected to occur in the course of climate warming over the next 100 years.

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Water Flowing Through Ice Sheets Accelerates Warming

“The earths natural slushy!”

Melt water flowing through ice sheets via crevasses, fractures and large drains called moulins can carry warmth into ice sheet interiors, greatly accelerating the thermal response of an ice sheet to climate change, according to a new study involving the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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Heat Wave in U.S. Causes Trees to Change Colors


Leaves change colors during heat wave.

Man, it’s hot out there. How hot is it? Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about climate change. I’m just trotting out some ideas for a Bob Hope-style comedy routine. And climate change would’ve probably been too edgy for Hope, anyway. So how hot is it? So hot that trees can’t decide what season it is. Okay, needs some work. But it’s true. (video)


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BP Launches Effort To Restrict Publication Of Scientific Research On Disaster


BP’s actions make a wonderful argument for revisiting corporate rights in this country.

Climate Progress reports that scientists from Louisiana State University, Mississippi State University and Texas A&M “have ‘signed contracts with BP to work on their behalf in the Natural Resources Damage Assessment (NRDA) process’ that determines how much ecological damage the Gulf of Mexico region is suffering from BP’s toxic black tide…

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