Study of Biofuel Use Shows Large Climate Benefit

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Ethanol and biogas use in Sweden shows a large climate benefit, resulting in between 65 to 140 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than petrol and diesel, even when so-called direct and indirect soil effects are included, a new research study shows.

Lizards are in Danger of Extinction from Global Warming?


A chameleon sits on a tree at a zoo

Once again the global warming hysteria patrol is out posting articles on how the earth is doomed because of global warming. Undeterred by one of the coldest winters in years and a global scandal surrounding the validity of their science, these scientists are out fabricating doom and gloom stories to feed a hidden political agenda.  This time its all about the lizards dying.

According to them, lizards are in danger of dying out on a large scale as rising global temperatures force them to spend more time staying cool in the shade and less time tending to basic needs like eating and mating.

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The Fine Art of Bogus Science – Part 2

Fake Science 768

Why Does Smoking Feel Good?

Just when you thought it was okay to start talking about the weather again this started, another bogus climate report came out. We live in a two-party science culture where whatever you believe will attract groupies, and in most cases, the groupies know more than the scientists. And that, my dear, is what makes science so much fun. (Pics)

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A Crisis for Global Warming Research


The Maldives cabinet holds an underwater meeting in a bid to draw attention to the dangers of global warming for the island nation.

Plagued by reports of sloppy work, falsifications and exaggerations, climate research is facing a crisis of confidence. How reliable are the predictions about global warming and its consequences? And would it really be the end of the world if temperatures rose by more than the much-quoted limit of two degrees Celsius?


MIT Analysis Suggests Large-Scale Wind Farms Could Impact Climate


Wind farm

Wind power has emerged as a viable renewable energy source in recent years — one that proponents say could lessen the threat of global warming. Although the American Wind Energy Association estimates that only about 2 percent of U.S. electricity is currently generated from wind turbines, the U.S. Department of Energy has said that wind power could account for a fifth of the nation’s electricity supply by 2030.


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Cars the Greatest Contributor to Atmospheric Warming Now and in the Future: Study


Cars greatest contributor to warming

For decades, climatologists have studied the gases and particles that have potential to alter Earth’s climate. They have discovered and described certain airborne chemicals that can trap incoming sunlight and warm the climate, while others cool the planet by blocking the Sun’s rays.


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‘Melting’ Drywall Could Reduce The Need For Air Conditioning


Acrylic microcapsules are filled with a paraffin wax that can absorb heat from buildings.

Building materials that absorb heat during the day and release it at night, eliminating the need for air-conditioning in some climates, will soon be on the market in the United States. The North Carolina company National Gypsum is testing drywall sheets–the plaster panels that make up the walls in most new buildings–containing capsules that absorb heat to passively cool a building. The capsules, made by chemical giant BASF, can be incorporated into a range of construction materials and are already found in some products in Europe.


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False Glacier Claims Given To Climate Chief Before Copenhagen


Most experts believe that the Himalayan glaciers will take centuries to melt

The chairman of the leading climate change watchdog was informed that claims about melting Himalayan glaciers were false before the Copenhagen summit.  Rajendra Pachauri was told that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assessment that the glaciers would disappear by 2035 was wrong, but he waited two months to correct it. He failed to act despite learning that the claim had been refuted by several leading glaciologists.


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United Nations Science Panel Incorrectly Linked Global Warming To Increase In Natural Disasters


The United Nations’ climate science panel is facing further embarrassment after claims it incorrectly linked global warming to a rise in natural disasters.  The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change claimed in 2007 that the world had “suffered rapidly rising costs due to extreme weather related events since the 1970s”, suggesting that part of the increase was down to global warming.


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10 Tales of Warm-Weather Winter Olympians

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Scott Allen over at Mental Floss posted a very timely piece about the warm climate countries that participate in Winter Olypics.

The Winter Olympics are traditionally dominated by athletes from countries where winter brings freezing temperatures and snow, but that hasn’t stopped a number of athletes from more tropical climates from infiltrating the ranks of the (c)old guard. From the Jamaican bobsled team to an Indian luger, here are 10 stories of warm-weather Winter Olympians, including a few who will compete in Vancouver next month.

1. The Jamaican Bobsled Team (pic above)

Perhaps the most famous of all warm-weather Winter Olympians, the Jamaican bobsled team that inspired the 1993 film Cool Runnings made its debut in Calgary in 1988. Republican politician George Fitch, a former U.S. government attaché in Kingston who is currently serving as the mayor of Warrenton, Va., founded the original team…