Electrical Stimulation Through The Spinal Cord May Ease Parkinson’s Symptoms

Electrical Stimulation Through The Spinal Cord May Ease Parkinson’s Symptoms

Neural activity in the brain of a Parkinsonian rat before (top) and after (bottom) electrical stimulation is applied to its spinal cord.  

Delivering electrical stimulation to the spinal cord through tiny, platinum electrodes could ease the severe motor deficits of Parkinson’s disease as effectively as a much more intrusive procedure currently in clinical use, according to a new study in rodents. If the findings are confirmed in humans, scientists say, the procedure could dramatically improve treatment for the disease by making electrical therapies safer and more broadly available.

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The Emerging Field Of Nutrigenomics

Diets Based On Your Genes 

The emerging field of nutrigenomics, which aims to identify the genetic factors that influence the body’s response to diet and studies how the bioactive constituents of food affect gene expression, is explored in a series of provocative, interdisciplinary reports and analyses in the December 2008 Special Issue (Volume 12, number 4) of OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology.

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“Groundbreaking” Portable Therapeutic Ultrasound System

“Groundbreaking” Portable Therapeutic Ultrasound System 

 Cornell University 3rd year PhD National Science fellow, George K. Lewis

Ultrasound machines can cost $20,000 or more and weigh 30 pounds, but not George K. Lewis’s ultrasound device. Lewis’s portable therapeutic ultrasound machine cost him about $150 to make — 80 percent of which was spent on the battery — it fits in the palm of his hand, and it can help treat cancer and relieve arthritis… among other things.

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Largest Study Of Near-Death Experiences To Be Launched

Largest Study Of Near Death Experiences To Be Launched

 An international collaboration of scientists and physicians have gotten together to undertake the largest study of near-death experiences. The AWARE (AWAreness during REsuscitation) study is led by researchers from the University of Southampton, including Dr. Sam Parnia and other experts in the field of consciousness during clinical death.

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