Children in India Train to Become Snake Charmers From Age 2


Charmed I’m sure…

Sitting less than a metre away from a poisonous cobra, the children show no signs of fear and do not flinch when faced with one of the deadly snakes.

Children in India’s 600-strong Vadi tribe are first introduced to snakes at the age of two.

All Vadi children complete a ten-year initiation ritual that culminates in the boys becoming fully-fledged performing snake charmers.

The act of snake charming with a traditional flute is the role of the men, while the Vadi women care for the snakes and handle them when their husbands or brothers are not around…

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Cobra Headquarters or Solar Shade


Surprisingly this isn’t a picture of Cobra headquarters in the new G.I. Joe movie — the Veil Solar Shade might one day grace the schoolyards of some Australian elementary schools. A concept from design firm Büro North, the Veil has a couple of cool things going for it: First, it automatically rotates during the day to ensure the “hood” is always pointed at the sun. Second, it provides a cozy shady spot.


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