Artful Car Hood Coffee Tables


There was a golden age when the expansive hood of the American automobile could double as a picnic table. Thankfully, engine compartments have conformed to smaller motors and superior aerodynamics, but why give up the pleasure of dining (or making out) on the hood of an American classic just because you drive a Honda Fit? Joel Hester, in his Dallas-based Weld House, is scrounging the scrap yards of Texas and turning grizzled steel into tables, beds, armoires, and more.  (Pics)

The Periodic Coffee Table


The Ultimate Science Geek Accessory

The Periodic Coffee Table offered by Element Connection for a jaw-dropping £4,750 ($9,463) is a fantastically nerdy idea – a coffee-table display case for samples of all existing stable elements – but they really wussed out on the radioactives, replacing them instead with empty spaces labeled with nuclear decay symbology. Weak sauce. I want to feel my coffee table in my eye teeth.

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