Top 10 Japanese Imports That Could Be Big-Buck Collectibles In The Future


1990 Mazda Miata

While the rare-car world focuses on rare Bugattis and 1960s muscle cars, lots of car enthusiasts might  unknowingly have potential top-dollar classics gathering value in their garages, overlooked by today’s collectors. They are the Japanese import models of yesteryear. (Pics)


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Biologist Discovers Pink-Winged Moth

Biologists Discover Pink-Winged Moth

New moth species, Lithophane leeae 

University of Arizona biologist Bruce Walsh has identified a new species of moth in southern Arizona. Normally, this is not a big deal. The region is one of the most biologically rich areas in the country and collectors have been finding hundreds of new species for decades. This one, however, is different.

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Floating Liquid Solar Arrays

Floating Liquid Solar Arrays

LSAs (Liquid Solar Arrays)

There’s a lot of surface area on this planet for solar panels. The ocean’s are a vast area to utilize this solar technology.  But,  the weather can make the installation and use of floating solar arrays difficult.  That’s not the case with LSAs (Liquid Solar Arrays) by Sunengy Pty LTD .

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