Play-i’s robot will teach your child to program

Play-i is making robots to encourage tangible play with technology.

The tech world has collectively decided that programming is an essential skill all kids should learn, perhaps even before they learn to read. The programming market has been saturated with tablet apps aimed at raising the next Zuckerburg.



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Proposal to Eliminate Forest Fires Completely

Futurist Thomas Frey: Over the past few days I’ve been listening to news reports about the devastating fires burning in Colorado.

Record heat, high winds, low humidity, and large amounts of beetle-killed trees have created “perfect storm” conditions for multiple wildfires to rage across the State.



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Entrepreneurs in Colorado say they are doing awesome and now have data to prove it

“Colorado has developed into a state that every investor should watch.”

Silicon Valley is no longer the only option for entrepreneurs. Burgeoning tech hubs like Seattle, Boulder, Austin and Denver offer a strong community, tax breaks, and a lower cost of living.



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Colorado’s Opportunity to Take the Lead in the Alternative Transportation Marketplace

Futurist Thomas Frey: The first time I rode on a Segway, I was confused. Even though I loved the experience, I couldn’t quite figure out how it would fit into my life. It wasn’t going to replace my car and it certainly wasn’t a substitute for my bicycle, so what exactly was it?



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The startup scene in Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado

Chris Moody, COO of Gnip talks about the startup community in Boulder, Colorado:  Boulder is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  The city has a lot of lifestyle benefits to offer, including 300 days of sunshine every year.  Boulder is consistently rated one of the healthiest, happiest and smartest cities in the country. When it comes to startups, individuals often refer to the advanced entrepreneurial environment that has been created in Boulder as a startup community, and it is the word “community” above all others that describes why Boulder is the best place to create your next business.



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Entering the Legal Marijuana Era – Finding the Pitfalls and Profits in the Years Ahead

Futurist Thomas Frey: It may sound silly to walk into a bar and order up a beer with a weed chaser or to open a late night box of cereal called “Weedies” to help you sleep, but that is exactly the era we’re entering.



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Bring a patent office to Colorado petition


Colorado’s savvy entrepreneurs and highly skilled workforce make it a perfect location for a new satellite patent office.

Colorado is a hub for economic innovation. Colorado has some of the most savvy entrepreneurs, a highly skilled workforce and an array of top-tier research institutions that help make Colorado a place where innovation thrives.

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Fort Collins, Colorado aspiring to be the new Motor City

John Deere engine

A graduate student studying the effects of advanced biodiesel fuel on a John Deere engine.

Silicon Valley is recognized as the spawning ground of technology start-ups in the world of computers. Lower Manhattan has long been the place to set up shop for financial institutions.  And of course the epicenter of American automaking is Detroit.  Detroit has been evolving in recent times from a manufacturing center to a headquarters city. Still, there is no guaranty that its dominance is permanent.

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10 great apps for coworking professionals


The Vault coworking space.

Coworking spaces are where imaginative freelancers and open-minded collaborators come together each day to bounce ideas and innovate. These shared offices rent desks to solo workers and tiny companies. Whether you’re new to coworking or a veteran of the space, there are plenty of digital tools that can transform the work experience, whether that be by connecting with experts or better managing finances.


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Local Colorado brewery transports kegs via tricycle


Kegs are a rollin’.

When Shannon and Colin Westcott decided to start Equinox Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado, they wanted it to be a local, green operation. And that meant no keg deliveries by car or truck. So to save themselves a lot of back-breaking keg-carrying, the Westcotts teamed up with custom bike designers Yendra Built Cycles. The partnership yielded the Bootlegger: a tricycle built for transporting kegs…

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