Combo Pills: Treat Several Ailments In One Medication

Combo Pills:  Treat Several Ailments In One Medication 

Popping so many pills that you sometimes forget to take a medication? The drug companies think they have the answer: combination pills, which aim to treat several ailments in one medication. Indeed, dozens of combo pills are in the works to combat a range of ailments, from asthma and heart disease to arthritis and severe heartburn, by merging at least two medications into one.

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Combination Segway Ski-Stroll-Scooter

Combination Segway Ski-Stroller

Part Segway, part skiing, part stroller, part cool design

Designer Sarah Park has drafted a concept to outfit the Segway Personal Transporter with dual handlebars that work as a “skiing-like steering mechanism.” The size of the handlebars are similar to those of a baby stroller and navigated in a similar fashion. More photos after the jump.
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