12 Bizarre and Frightening Composite Photographs


Jim Kazanjian 2006

Veteran CG artist Jim Kazanjian has put together an excellent series of insane, somewhat terrifying composite scenes, like something out of a long, apocalyptic nightmare. Crumbling buildings, flaming wreckage—the images are gorgeously broken, but we’re glad they’re fakes. (Pics)


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Cars of the Future Could Be Powered By Their Bodywork


Bodywork could one day double as a car’s battery

Parts of a car’s bodywork could one day double up as its battery, according to the scientists behind a new €3.4 million project announced today.

Researchers from Imperial College London, UK, and their European partners, including Volvo Car Corporation, are developing a prototype material which can store and discharge electrical energy and which is also strong and lightweight enough to be used for car parts.


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250,000 Recycled Floating Bottles Used To (Re)Build Mexican Island Paradise

250,000 Recycled Floating Bottles Used To Build Mexican Island Paradise 

If you can’t afford to buy your own tropical island paradise, why not build your own? That is exactly what Richie Sowa did back in 1998, from over a quarter-million plastic bottles. His Spiral Island, destroyed years later by a hurricane, sported a two-story house, solar oven, self-composting toilet and multiple beaches. Better yet, he has started building another one! His ultimate goal? To build the island bigger and bigger and finally float out to sea, traveling the world from the comfort of his own private paradise. (Pics) (Video)

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The Renewable House: Home Building Without A Carbon Footprint?

The Renewable House: Home Building Without A Carbon Footprint?

The Renewable House is a timber frame house with hemp-lime walls.

Britain’s University of Bath’s Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, its Department of Mechanical Engineering, and the Building Research Establishment Ltd (BRE)  formed a partnership in 2006 to conduct research on innovative and sustainable construction materials and to provide knowledge and leadership to the building industry.

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Volitan: A Solar/Wind Powered Concept Boat


Might the Volitan presage a new generation of lightweight, fully sustainable boats? It certainly sounds good on paper: the futuristic vessel would use solid sails – equipped with double layer solar cell panels – to harness both wind and solar energy and would have an incredibly light, stiff body structure, courtesy of its carbon fiber and epoxy resin composite-made shell and carbon-foam core lamination. Its body would also have an epoxy primer coat and ultraviolet resistant coating.

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RORMaxx – Wind Powered Sports Car

RORMaxx - Wind Powered Sports Car 


In the ongoing search for alternative energy, few things have been so overlooked as wind. Granted, many places are beginning to accept wind power as an easily accessible form of renewable energy, but still others don’t see its potential. It is this problem that 2 young minds from California have set out to solve.

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Ecovative Design’s Greensulate Revolutionizes Insulation

Ecovative Design’s Greensulate Revolutionizes Insulation 

Ecovative Design’s Greensulate (building insulation) and Negative Volume (packaging) are manufactured -or rather, grown-from agricultural waste products like rice hulls, which are combined with water, recycled paper and living mushroom cells to create panels that can be used to insulate buildings or protect packages during shipment.

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