A Global Horror Story: How Monsanto Owns And Manipulates The World’s Food Supply

Care about world hunger or global safety? Monsanto sure doesn’t…
Here is a major AP expose of how Monsanto uses secret licensing agreements for its genetically manipulated crops to squeeze smaller seed companies, lock out competition, and keep food prices high Monsanto’s methods are spelled out in a series of confidential commercial licensing agreements obtained by the AP. The contracts, as long as 30 pages, include basic terms for the selling of engineered crops resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, along with shorter supplementary agreements that address new Monsanto traits or other contract amendments…

Study: Cocktail of Contaminants Found In Newborn Babies


There have been lots of studies by agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control that have looked at what is in our blood, but the Environmental Working Group has just completed an interesting (and disturbing) new one. They looked at minority populations, which often are exposed to higher levels of environmental pollution, and they got their samples from umbilical cords, so that it represents what is in the blood at birth- this stuff all came from mom. And it is quite a cocktail, including lead, perchlorates from rocket fuel, mercury, stain repellents and teflon. It is also the first time that Bisphenol A has been detected in newborns.


Clean Water Laws Neglected In The U.S.


Dentists near Charleston, W.Va., say pollutants in drinking water have damaged residents’ teeth.

Jennifer Hall-Massey knows not to drink the tap water in her home near Charleston, W.Va.   In fact, her entire family tries to avoid any contact with the water. Her youngest son has scabs on his arms, legs and chest where the bathwater — polluted with lead, nickel and other heavy metals — caused painful rashes. Many of his brother’s teeth were capped to replace enamel that was eaten away.


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