Contemporary Comic Strips

FRANCETUCKY about jason
Drew and Natalie are the humor engines behind Francetucky, a selection of pretty funky short cartoons. Although there are currently only 22 strips, the same artists has several other selections as well. The particular aspect of these cartoons that caught my eye was the three panel style that was simple and effective for the computer age… (Pics)

Tree Houses – Nature With Architecture

Tree Houses

Whimsical Tree House In Oregon

Nature with architecture is not an odd pairing by any means, but it’s never been done quite like this. But another factor plays heavily on this contemporary, flowing style – music. Architect Robert Harvey Oshatz has created this awesome, artistic piece of architecture in the woods of Portland, Oregon, for a client who’s love of music would be translated into a modern home. (Pics)

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TM Italia Remote Control Kitchens

TM Italia Remote Control Kitchens 

 Remote Control Kitchen By TM Italia

Without a doubt, the kitchen is the part of the home that really needs to be kicked up with the reason to put across one’s self in this very expressive room. Famed kitchen designer and manufacturer TM Italia now wishes to impress all the modern cooks with their new and exclusive Petra and the Mondrian kitchen designs.

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