1 in 5 American Women in Their Early 40’s are Childless


Number of childless women in their early 40’s has risen sharply since the 1970’s.

Nearly one in five American women in her early 40s is childless, according to a report that shows a striking increase in women who don’t have biological children.  The trend was much less common in the 1970s, when one in 10 women did not have children by 40 to 44, the age bracket researchers use to designate the end of childbearing years.


Thousands of Teen Girls in Britain Have Had 3 or More Abortions


Almost 18,000 abortions were carried out on girls aged under 18.

Government data have disclosed that 89 girls aged 17 or under who terminated a pregnancy last year had had at least two abortions previously.  The head of Britain’s largest abortion provider said many young women were living chaotic lives that meant they could not organise contraception.