Women in the U.S. Prefer the Pill and Sterilization as Methods of Birth Control


The pill and sterilization are the leading methods of birth control in the U.S.

A growing percentage of U.S. women are using intrauterine devices, or IUDs, but the pill and female sterilization still lead the contraceptive pack, as they have for nearly a quarter of a century, government researchers reported Wednesday.”We seem to be stuck in a pattern here,” says lead author William Mosher, a statistician with the National Center for Health Statistics, part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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50th Anniversary Of “The Pill”

Today is not only Mother’s Day – it is also the 50th anniversary of “The Pill,” the oral contraceptive birth control.Like it or not, the arrival of the birth control pill was a momentous occasion in human civilization and has an enormous social impact:

The thought of out-of-wedlock pregnancy struck terror in women in midcentury America, said Claudia Goldin, a professor of economics at Harvard University who has studied the pill’s effect on professional women…

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Contraceptive Injection For Men May Make Condoms History


It may be time for men to split the contraceptive burden with women, for Scottish scientists have come up with a new ‘Pill’ that drastically reduces sperm count in men.  Professor Richard Anderson, from Edinburgh University, is on the look out for men willing to try the revolutionary hormone injections, containing progesterone and testosterone, to be given in the bum every two months.


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Pill May Cause Women to Choose ‘Wrong’ Partner

Pill May Cause Women to Choose ‘Wrong’ Partner

Look for a Class Action lawsuit to be filed by the “wrong” guys

Taking the contraceptive pill can lead a woman to choose the “wrong” partner, a new study suggests. The pill is thought to disrupt an instinctive mechanism that brings together people with complementary genes and immune systems.

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