Shark Submarine Allows Divers A Close-Up View


Hey didn’t they steal this idea from Jaws

Growing up on the beach in Florida, I’ve had my little run-ins with these eating machines.

The most notable of these encounters happened when I was in high school. Summer in Florida demands multiple visits to the beach. In this instance I was body surfing. I saw a slight difference in the current, then felt something like sandpaper scrape against my leg. The both fins broke the surface (the tail fin is level with the dorsal fin-that’s the easiest way to tell that it’s a shark and not a dolphin). Continue reading… “Shark Submarine Allows Divers A Close-Up View”


Amputee’s Mermaid Dream


Not so little mermaid gets a second chance at a normal life

Good: double amputee gets prosthetic legs so she can walk. Better: double amputee gets realistic-looking mermaid tail so she can swim. Awesome: it’s developed and built by Weta, the special-effects company that did work for the “Lord of the Rings” movies, as well as “King Kong” and “The Chronicles of Narnia” series. Continue reading… “Amputee’s Mermaid Dream”


AquaJelly and AirJelly



Fester AG is a global company that specializes in automation technology. In December, the company won two very prestigious Good Design Awards in robotics and bionics from the Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture, Art Designand Urban Studies. Fester’s award winners were the AquaJelly and the AirJelly, both bio-innovative designs. Continue reading… “AquaJelly and AirJelly”