X-Ray Glasses Are Here


For all those closet peeping toms out there

Remember those ads in the back of comic books with the crazy X-ray glasses? You know… they had plastic frames and cardboard eye-covers with holes in them (presumably so you wouldn’t face-plant while walking); and the cardboard had these wild spirals on them…

And they never worked. Ever. How many of us were suckered in by the lure of seeing through a girl’s shirt? Not that we really would’ve known what we were looking at, but still… it was taboo. And so we bought these pieces of trash and… nothing. Very disappointing.

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Cajun Crawler


Maybe they should have called it the Cajun Crab

If the Segway’s current movement mechanism and cast of characters astride them wasn’t keeping you up at night, the Cajun Crawler should seal the deal.

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10 Useful And Free Windows Tools


I know there are vista users who could really benefit from receiving this information I know I would

When compiling your essential Windows XP or Vista toolkit, it makes sense to source as many free tools as you possibly can.

But sometimes you don’t know that you need a tool until you’re presented with it

So check out this list of ten of our favourite free system tools and plug some gaps in your software collection.

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Cars You’ll Never See


Honestly the only real dream car that I see on the list if the new car for $750.00 WooHoo!

IN the January MI we showed you Tom McCahill’s dream car. And it really caught your fancy. We were swamped with letters, many of which longingly described pet dream cars. So, the editors asked artist Doug Rolfe to draw this set of cartoons to illustrate what might happen if Everyman would fit a car to his own personality. Continue reading… “Cars You’ll Never See”